6 Useful Tips to Find the Right Influencer for Your Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days when all you had to do was get yourself a domain name, build a product or category page, and watch the sales come in. With so many online businesses these days, you’ll have to fight tooth and nail to get a piece of the consumer pie, much less keep it.

That’s why a lot of marketing specialists are turning to influencer marketing agencies. According to Business 2 Community, it’s because a lot of the traditional channels that companies used in order to communicate with customers are dead or already dying.

Influence Marketing

If you do not want your product or service to go the way of the dinosaurs, you will need to find a new and better approach to get your message across and your products in the hands of consumers. One of the most all-around effective ways is influence marketing. Teaming up with well-known influencers is a great way to promote a cause. You can apply the same logic you would if promoting as cause, as you would to products and services. Choosing influencers to stand by your brand, to represent your company, your products, will put you in a better position to gain exposure with your target market.

Influence Marketing: How To

The following is an insight-packed list to help you and your team identify the best influencer talent to work with and achieve your goals. Pretty soon, you’ll be launching exceptional influence marketing campaigns in the market and straight into mainstream success:

    1. Don’t rush.

Finding the right blogger, the right voice, the right personality takes time. That said, finding the right one is key to a successful Influence Marketing campaign. A lot of people can write great content, but not a all of them have the klout, or social authority, to deliver on particular goals and reach. For example, not all influencers will be able to deliver when it’s about a new potato chip flavor, French fry brand or toothpaste. That takes skill, but more importantly it takes working with an influencer in the appropriate niche (for example the gourmet burger and gourmet French fry niche within the food blogging vertical).

This means that you will need to find the right influencers within your niche and vertical to match your product or service. They need to look right, sound right, and feel right for your product and brand. If there’s any sort of disconnect between your influencer and your brand, then all of your influence marketing campaigns efforts will fall apart.

So invest enough time looking and connecting with influencers to find yours.

    1. Tie your Influence Marketing campaign to charity.

Non profit and charity causes have a way of generating audience engagement like few things on earth. Turn this to an advantage for your brand. Consider connecting your next Influence Marketing campaign to a charity cause or event and you will not only be able to contribute to a worthy cause, you will be able to expand your social reach and connect to a wider audience as well. Not to mention, you will be doing good in the world. It’s a win-win for brand, influencer, and charity.

Insider tip: be sure to find a charity that fits with your product or service. Any inconsistency between the two can affect the outcome of that project and stunt its success.

    1. Host blogger mixers.

A blogger mixer is one way to find the right talent for your brand’s influencer campaign. After all, one of the best ways to get to know people is still through the traditional way; in person. If your company is interested in hiring the right influencer or blogger to promote your brand or service, then this is one effective way to pick them out from the crowd.

Insider tip: if you do not wish to host your own blogger mixer or that seems like too large an undertaking, try attending a blogger conference.

    1. Keep up to date.

There are no short cuts to finding the right talent for your influence marketing campaign. You need to be vigilant and put in the hours it is going to take to uncover the best influencers for your campaign. Prepare yourself for days on Instagram searching for the right voice to jump out of all that clutter and grab your attention. Scour the blogosphere daily for anyone on the scene that might be the perfect match for your product. Keep up with the latest news on Influence Marketing. Do not just reach out to established bloggers; make sure to form great relationships with emerging voices as well.

    1. Ask for recommendations.

Birds of the same feather, so if you manage to sign up an influencer who is absolutely perfect for your brand, you might want to ask that person for recommendations and even personal referrals to other influencers. This way, you aren’t just reaching out to your social network, you’re taking advantage of other people’s networks as well. When you follow up on those suggestions, it’s okay if none make the cut. Remember that you have expanded your connection with the influencer industry and that is an accomplishment in itself.

    1. Don’t wait for the campaign.

Based on your brand’s industry, you should have a general idea about the kind of bloggers or influencers that match your brand. Reach out to them and get to know them. This way, when you need the right talent for a campaign you won’t have to go looking—they are already there, in your head, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to lend you a hand.

There is no discounting the value of influence in marketing campaigns today. So make sure you find the best talent to match.

Resource: The Shelf