About Us

The Culinaria Center for Food Law, Policy, and Culture is a policy institute focused on supporting, developing, and promoting substantive strategies using agile solutions and practical approaches to foster a food system beneficial to producers, consumers, and the environment. Through legal research and policy analysis, Culinaria Center reviews and addresses a wide range of local, national, and global food policy topics and issues and seeks solutions in support of a food system that is integral to improved health outcomes, sustainable environmental goals, and real community development. On the whole, the Culinaria Center encourages, cultivates, and serves as a platform for the civil exchange of ideas and exploration of disparate ways of thinking about the world of food and drink.

  • Culinaria Center Research Fellows study the policy and practice of food, water, and alcohol law to advance smart solutions and improve the modern food system.
  • Culinaria Issues is an e-published peer-reviewed monograph series of articles on food related law, policy, and associated cultural issues absent the delays common to traditional academic journals.
  • The CULINARIA Query & Lecture Series is a nationwide discussion on topics of particular currency and interest to food growers, producers, business-owners, and consumers.

Taken together, the Culinaria Center’s programs and publications involve all manner of contributors, among them academics, chefs, journalists, policymakers, and participants in the entire food system, from growers of raw ingredient to makers of finished product. It reaches out across the country and beyond to ensure that the National Food & Beverage Foundation’s scope extends well beyond a collection of buildings.